Packit Personal Coolers

by Kevin on April 29, 2013

Today I’m Giving You…  A Packit Cooler! Packit is a  freezable personal cooler that has the cooling element integrated into the walls of the cooler. It folds up to be compact and the whole cooler fits in your freezer. It stays cool for about 10 hours. It’s convenient to keep in your freezer. No need to grab a cooler, ice packs, and then fill it.  Just grab it, fill it, and go!


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Premier Protein

by Kevin on March 26, 2013

Today I’m Giving You… Premier Protein.  I tried out Premier Protein shakes and bars. Both contained a whopping 30g of Protein each. Shakes have a very mild flavor… but that’s a good thing…low sugar! And there’s minimal calories and fat. Bars taste great too. They’re great to pack on a hike or a ride to give you sustained energy to help you keep going.


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NEMO Equipment Fillo™

by Kevin on March 4, 2013

Today I’m Giving You… a Fillo by NEMO Equipment. Fillo is a super-comfortable and compact camping pillow. No more nights with your head on an overturned backpack or with a jacket zipper pressing into your face. Fillo uses a combination of a 3-inch-thick inflatable cell with engineered baffles and a 1-inch-thick memory foam layer to achieve a perfect balance of supple cushioning and adjustable height. An innovative grid of elastic cord lets you slide in an extra piece of clothing for additional height to accommodate side-sleepers. The removable microsuede cover is seductively soft and machine washable. For convenience the stuff sack is integrated into the microsuede cover.

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Tube in a Box

by Kevin on January 31, 2013


Something different for your outdoor adventures, it’s a Tube in a Box! It’s a retro-style tube made of commercial-grade rubber. This thing is tough and won’t tear or pop like cheap vinyl tubes.

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Ausangate Socks

November 16, 2012

Today I’m giving you a pair of Ausangate Socks!  Ausangate Socks are made with Alpacor® - a yarn made of  a blend of the finest Alpaca fibers and other natural and synthetic fibers. The socks are remarkably softer than regular alpaca yarn, naturally hypoallergenic, odor-free, offer natural compression, wick away moisture, keep your feet warm in winter and [...]

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